Life Lessons

Life is a series of lessons that I’m not sure I want to continue taking.

I get it, life. I fucking get it!

Most people suck. Not only do they suck, but they also suck the life out of you.

Family is a word that implies a blood relation to someone. Family, for me anyway, doesn’t mean much of anything. I grew up with family surrounding me, but those people are all dead or have no interest in keeping in touch anymore. I’ve watched how much “family” means to my surviving kin and let me tell you, it means jack fucking shit.

My daughter and I are on our own now. My mom is gone, which marks the end of the glue stick.

Before anyone calls the funny farm to come and take me away, just stop a second.

Please. I am tired. Just so tired.

Tired of what humans do to each other, tired of pretending that I am alright, the fake smiles and laughter.

The sting of rejection and indifference.

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